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10 Northway Road Umgeni, North, Durban, eThekwini-29.7835880031.03636080

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Dining at the Riverside is an experience tailored to suit your mood. Dine in style at the Riverside Cafe or have a snack while you unwind from the days stress at Mojos. Next door Hops offers a relaxed and casual pub atmosphere.
MOJO'S, SET ON THE LEISURE TERRACE alongside the swimming pool, offers a full snack menu and is an ideal venue to unwind after a day's business. And for those relaxing by the pool, Mojo's staff are there to serve you cooling drinks and snacks without you having to move from your place in the sun.
The atmosphere created by the superb décor, the top quality service, the sumptuous and exquisitely presented meals make Riverside Cafe one of Durban's most appealing restaurants.


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