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Zoeken in Pretoria
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Restaurants in Pretoria

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Restaurant Otter Lake

modern european, Portuguese, German

Restaurant Le-Si restorante

Dinner Café, Seafood, Moroccan

Restaurant Charisma

International, French, Fusion

Restaurant Geet

Indian; SMD: R 150,00

Restaurant Ala Turka

Turkish, Lebanese, Greek

Cafe Riche

South African, Mediterranean, Bistro

Restaurant L' Epicurien

Mediterranean, Italian, Vegetarian

Restaurant Mosaic

Oriental, International

Restaurant Pride of India

Indian, Fusion; SMD: R 130,00

Restaurant Founders Grill

Grill, South African

All restaurants in Pretoria

Keukens in Pretoria

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Grill restaurants (8) Mediterranean restaurants (2) Lebanese restaurants (1)
South African restaurants (7) (2) German restaurants (1)
Seafood restaurants (6) Greek restaurants (2) Moroccan restaurants (1)
International restaurants (6) French restaurants (2) Irish restaurants (1)
Italian restaurants (5) Oriental restaurants (1) Vegetarian restaurants (1)
Japanese restaurants (4) Dinner Cafés (1) Portuguese restaurants (1)
Fusion restaurants (3) Bistroes (1) Turkish restaurants (1)
Indian restaurants (3) Tuscan restaurants (1)
Modern European restaurants (2) Steak Houses (1)
Mediterranean restaurants (2) Lebanese restaurants (1)

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